A Fresh Approach to Financial Services!

A career in a historically lucrative industry, with a fresh approach!

It's time to love what you do!

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Why We're Fresh!

LIMRA says companies need the following six key factors to keep growth in the industry, we've got em' all!

  • Education First

    An educational approach to working with our clients. Not sales or quota focused!

  • Hiring Women

    Hiring and mentoring women in an industry that has been male dominated. Supporting women in finding success and thriving!

  • Technology

    Systems that utilize technology to grow a nationwide clientele and access to advanced training on your schedule!

  • Millenials

    Onboarding and mentoring millennials to find success in an industry that may not have even been on their radar!

  • Ethnic Markets

    We have a focus to help grow distribution in multiple ethnically diverse markets and support an ethnically diverse sales staff!

  • Fresh Faces to the Industry

    Many people are looking for a fulfilling career and might not have considered financial services. We help people from all walks of life transition into a lucrative career in finance!

We've Got What You are Looking For!

Priorities are shifting as more of us are looking for fulfilling and rewarding careers. The top five priorities are listed below and we've got em' all!

  • Meaning & Purpose-Culture & Cause

    If you’re looking for a Cause and a Purpose you can stand behind, look no further. We’re educating the 280 million Middle Americans about what to do with their money!

  • Challenging and Collaborative Work

    Work with a successful team that will mentor you and help you develop the skills you need to succeed in this industry!

  • Personal Development & Continuing Education

    We work harder on ourselves than we do on our business and it shows. Gain access to 24/7 on demand and personalized training with a mentor!

  • Entrepreneurial Mentorship

    Hands on support from those who have built a successful business. You’ll be paired with a team of mentors to help ensure your success at your pace!

  • Income Potential

    For most this isn’t at the top of the list but it’s nice to know the financial services industry is the most lucrative industry in our country and you have a chance at your piece of the pie!

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